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Blue light cut film(LG origin)

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  • MaterialPET(Protection)/PET(Top film)/Silicon(Adhesive)/PET(Liner)
  • Payment TermsT/T

[Yong Gwang ETS]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Main Use

     It is used to be attached to the surface of the liquid crystal screens of monitors, ATMs, vending machines, electronic kiosks, smart phones and any other personal electronic devices. 


     LG origin, YGETS blue light cut film (Xetra® CF-BCR1.5) can help prevents damage to eyes just like dry eye and eye strain by blocking the blue light selectively. For years now, many experts have known the hazards ultraviolet (UV) light presents to ocular health. But, we are gradually having longer and more intense exposures to blue light due to much of the world of commercial display. Some other films are sold as imitating to block UV range that isn’t nearly emitted by electronic displays to use common a UV blocker and recognized as blue light cut films. However, UV range is quite different from blue light range.




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Blue light cut film

Blue light cut film

Blue light cut film